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Over 2,000 years ago a young carpenter from Nazareth left his home to travel the highways and byways of ancient Israel and invited 12 men to come follow Him. In the tradition of all Jewish disciples of that day, they clung to His every word and learned to live the teachings of their rabbi. They heeded the call of their teacher, Yeshua (Jesus), and their obedience set in motion a chain of events that would leave the entire world changed forever.

The Zealous Israel Project (ZProject) is eleven months of servant-based discipleship in Israel for Christian young adults. Every year Bridges for Peace (Bridges) selects ten young people to volunteer with us, and be discipled in the footsteps of Jesus within our international Christian community. We see you discovering your calling, using your gifting, and growing in character throughout the year. Join our mission to support Israel, and build relationships between Christians and Jews in Israel and around the World.


You are invited to join a movement of young people who will encounter God in His Land through compassion, adventure and revelation.

Need to Know:

  • To be eligible for the ZProject, you must be a Christian, be 18-30 years old, and you must be interested in serving the Jewish people in Israel. 
  • Applications are almost ready for the 2024-2025 ZProject (Z9). To request an application for the 2024-2025 ZProject (July 21, 2024 – June 20, 2025), please fill out this form.
  • The cost of tuition for the next ZProject 2024-2025 is $7,995 USD. Tuition includes housing, food budget, transportation in Jerusalem, educational materials, and monthly excursions. This does not include airfare, insurance, and personal expenses (i.e. clothes, personal items, eating out, and entertainment).
  • Up to ten people are accepted every year for the ZProject. All ZProject members live in shared single-sex apartments.
  • All ZProject members volunteer fulltime at either our International Headquarters (HQ) or our Jerusalem Assistance Center (JAC). Hours are Monday to Thursday, from 8:30 am to 5:00 pm, and Friday from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm.
  • ZProject members also attend community growth sessions once a week after hours, which include studies, teaching, worship, prayer, and training. Weekly Scripture discussion and memory are an important part of community growth, as well. A highlight of the ZProject are our monthly excursions, which are taken over a weekend, allowing us to travel around Israel and experience the land.

To learn more, check out our Life in Israel page, and if you still have questions, check out our ZProject FAQ page!

If you’re ready to learn more about applying to be part of the upcoming Zealous Israel Project: click here