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Our Mission Statement

Connecting young adults to God’s heart for Israel and Bridges for Peace through compassion, adventure, and revelation, resulting in action.

Expanded vision

Zechariah 8:2 tells us that God is Zealous for Zion with great fervor and with great zeal. It is this zeal that Zealous8:2 endeavors to connect Christian young adults to. Birthed out of Bridges for Peace, Zealous8:2 desires to fulfill the mandate of God to raise up new generations who will boldly stand with and bless the Nation and the People of Israel. Through linking young people to the many projects of Bridges for Peace we aim to ensure that many generations of Christians will continue to stand with and bless Israel and the Jewish people.



“Comfort, comfort my people,” says the Lord. Through various servanthood jobs, personal contact with the people of Israel and the Jewish community world-wide, short-term and long-term volunteering, and financial giving Zealous8:2 offers young people the opportunity to express God’s heart of compassion to the Jewish people.


Zealous8:2 is committed to creating an atmosphere of adventure where young people from around the world can readily engage with the Land of Israel while exploring the places where prophets heard from God, Yeshua Himself walked and taught and where many prophecies are being fulfilled today.


Proverbs 19:2 tells us that it is not good to have zeal without knowledge. Because of this, Bridges for Peace ensures that the Zealous8:2 young people will receive revelation regarding Israel and the Jewish people through Biblical teaching from Bridges for peace leadership. Additionally, we receive teaching on Israel from historical, political, and religious contexts from both Christian and Jewish experts on these topics. Such revelation then drives us to our knees to pray on behalf of the nation and ushers us into times of worship to the God of Israel.


Through compassion, adventure, and revelation young people are moved to have a voice and take action. Bridges for Peace provides an outlet for this. Through our many projects such as Home Repair, Feed a Child, and our two Assistance centers, and opportunities to give financially. Zealous8:2 also encourages young adult involvement with our eight national offices through prayer, events, training, and leadership.  As an outlet for further involvement, we promote informed engagement over social media. Through these opportunities, we serve to empower and equip young people to take action in their support of Israel.


Full vision statement of Bridges For Peace