Meet the Team


Lukas Wallace,
Zealous8:2 International Manager

God is crazy-awesome. If you would have asked me a few years ago, I never would have thought that I would be leading an international young-adult ministry based in Jerusalem. But here I am, and I’m absolutely loving every minute of it!

I’ve served in various ministries since 2009, but it wasn’t until January 2012 that I first stepped foot in Israel. Since then, I’ve known that my calling is entwined with Israel. In 2015 I became part of the first Zealous Israel Project, and as of September 2017, I’ve been serving Zealous as the International Manager.

Being part of the Bridges for Peace family, and having the honor of serving Zealous means more to me than I can say!


Dawn Sober,
Zealous8:2 USA Coordinator

HELLO! It is a huge blessing to be serving the young adults in the USA by connecting them to the Israel and the work of Bridges for Peace. Dawn was first introduced to Bridges for Peace in 2007 after which she attended the very first Zealous8:2 Adventure Tour.  Upon returning to the States, she helped pioneer Zealous USA to see young people capture God’s heart for Israel.  In 2009, Dawn’s new friend Scott (now her husband) sent her an email telling her how important Israel is to the church and God, ending the email with, “I’ll get off my soapbox now.”  We soon fell in love with each other and Scott fell in love with Bridges for Peace. Scott has a passion for the Scriptures and you’ll often find young people seeking him out for advice and guidance.  We are both excited to see hearts captured by God leading to a lifelong love for Israel and the Jewish People.  We reside in Melbourne, FL with our two daughters.


Peter Fast,
Deputy National Director

Shalom in the name of Yeshua! It is a privilege to represent Bridges for Peace in Canada, conveying God’s love and plan for Israel and the Church to the next generation. Young adults are at the forefront of this shaking. More and more of them are fascinated and challenged by God’s faithfulness to His people, the Jews, and what He is doing in Israel. For nearly 14 years, I have been connected with Bridges, volunteering in Israel in the Home Repair program and having the unique opportunity to co-lead the first Zealous tour. Late in 2010, my wife, Deanna and I (plus our cat☺) moved to Jerusalem where I worked as the Zealous8:2 International Coordinator for 3+ years. Our family has now grown by two, a boy and girl, and we remain committed to the ministry of Bridges in Canada.


Kelly Russell,
Zealous8:2 – UK Office

I started volunteering in the UK office in October 2014 and was made staff in May 2015. This was an answer to prayer! I am currently standing as UK Zealous administrator and had the privilege of taking young adults on the Call to Zion tour in June 2015. I would recommend this experience to all young adults who would like a greater understanding of our Jewish Roots and to witness exactly where Jesus walked. My first revelation of Israel was brought by my auntie moving there to live, making me more eager to learn the importance of Israel and Gods people there. I am excited to be a part of encouraging young adults and the millennial generation by showing them Gods heart for Israel. “I will bless those who bless you” Genesis 12:3 NLT. Shalom & Blessings!