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Frequently Asked Questions


1. Who can apply?

Eligibility requirements:

  • Christian
  • 18-30 years old
  • Interested in experiencing  the land of the Bible in a fun and engaging way


2. What is the cost of the Call to Zion tour?

The cost is $1,995 USD.


3. Is airfare included in the cost

Every participant is responsible for purchasing their personal airfare, which is separate from the tour cost. 


4. When should I book my flight to Israel?

Due to travel restrictions in Israel and around the world because of the pandemic, please wait to purchase your flight until you receive approval from your Bridges for Peace national office. The only other requirements before you purchase your flight are to pay your $150 USD deposit and to understand the Call to Zion arrivals & departures policy as detailed in the registration form.


5. Do I need to purchase my own insurance?

Yes. You need to purchase your own health insurance, which is required, and travel insurance, which is highly recommended (many times these can be purchased together). Travel insurance ensures that you are covered in case of an unexpected event, such as baggage loss or a canceled tour. Zealous 8:2 has made this recommendation prior to the tour and will not be held responsible for any baggage loss or canceled flights.


6. Do I need to speak Hebrew?

No. Although Hebrew is the official language of Israel the tour will be conducted in English.


7. Will I have a roommate?

Yes. There are three same-sex participants to one room unless you may purchase a double or single-room supplement. 


8. Where will we visit?

Check out our tentative itinerary.


9. Can I get baptized or rededicated in the Jordan River? 

Yes, there will be an opportunity for you to be baptized in the Jordan River. This is for anyone who has never been baptized before and also for those who would like to rededicate their lives to the Lord. If you would like to be baptized, we request that you get the blessing of your pastor (if applicable) before coming. If you know beforehand that you want to be baptized, we ask that you please let us know. However, there will be opportunity to sign up to be baptized once you have arrived in Israel, as well.


10. Will I be picked up/dropped off at the airport?

We will provide transportation from the airport to the hotel for all arrivals on July 24. We will also provide transportation for all departures from the hotel to the airport on August 4-5.


11. Can I arrive before the official start date or depart after the official end date of the Call to Zion tour?

No. Due to Israeli Health laws concerning quarantine and tour group travel, you must arrive and depart on the offical dates.


12. Do I need a visa?

Most countries do not require a visa to visit Israel for less than 90 days. Check the Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs visa guidelines document to see if a visa is required for your country.


13. What currency is used in Israel?

The Israeli currency is called the New Israeli Shekel. To see the current exchange rate, check here.


14. Is it safe to travel around Israel?

Safety in Israel is very different from what the news in your country may depict. As a whole, it is one of the safest countries in the world to visit, literally. However, while on the Call to Zion tour, you will not be entering any of the Palestinian-controlled territories, particularly the Gaza Strip, Jericho, Hebron, or Bethlehem.


15. What will the weather be like?

It will be summertime in Israel, so expect hot temperatures. It can reach 40 degrees Celsius (104 degrees Fahrenheit) and while most of Israel is dry, many places in the north will be very humid.


16. What should I wear?

Bring shorts, light clothes, walking/hiking shoes, sandals, sunglasses, and a hat. At conservative sights, you MUST cover your shoulders and wear pants/skirts that go past the knee. We ask that knees and shoulders be covered while in Jerusalem, also. Girls, long wrap skirts, or scarves can be very useful. Bring old clothes for the volunteer project where we could be painting, gardening, or doing other messy activities. We will also be working in the Jewish community to build relationships, so please don’t wear clothing with any symbols or slogans on these outreaches, as people may find it offensive. Dress must be “summer modest.” Modest length shorts and t-shirts are permitted. We will have a couple days in the desert where modest tank tops (no spaghetti straps) will be permitted. We will have the opportunity to float in the Dead Sea as well as a day at the beach in Tel Aviv, so be sure to pack a swimming suit and beach towel.


17. Will I have access to an ATM?

Yes. You can use an ATM at the airport to withdraw shekels. After the airport, you will not have access to ATMs or moneychangers until about Day 3 of the tour (Tiberias).


18. How much cash should I bring?

We recommend that you have at least $100–$150 USD (or 300-400 shekels) when you arrive. This will at least cover the first few days of lunches and personal spending if you do not choose to use a money changer or ATM at the airport.


19. Do you accommodate special dietary needs?

We try our best to accommodate every dietary need, however, we cannot guarantee that we will be able to meet all request.


20. When should I register?
Register now by clicking here!