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“I knew that this would be an impactful trip but what I didn’t expect was how much I would truly care for the nation of Israel and the people there.”

Ashley Gatrost, USA

“The tour was an amazing experience that I would highly recommend to every young adult if they are considering coming to Israel. It covered different cultures, time periods, and hit all the main target points you’d want to see biblically. Making connections from all across the world in the place where the bible took place is an experience that I am very grateful for.”

McCoy Brown, USA

“In the midst of all the business during the tour, I could hear God, feel Him and see Him all around me, and I know that He is there to take me where He wants me to go!”

Annalea Van Niekerk, South Africa

“I don’t look at The Call to Zion as a tour. It was a life-changing 2 weeks in God’s land, learning and growing with total strangers that ultimately become great friends.”

Nate Vikstrom, USA

“I learned of the beautiful love story between the Lord and Israel and how He has fought for the people over the generations and has revived the land and promises hope and a future of no harm. And if He can keep an everlasting promise that big, then it leaves me knowing that He can sure do the same in my life.”

Nicole Warren, Canada

“Coming to Israel with almost next to no knowledge about what Israel is really like, God used the Call to Zion tour to open my eyes to the beauty and importance of the Land of the Bible and His chosen people! Not only seeing the places of the Bible in person, but actually interacting with Jewish people revealed how alive our God really is and how He is actively fulfilling His promises. It filled my heart with a hunger to know Him even more. I know God is the one who brought me to Israel to grow me and my relationship with Him. What is more amazing than that?”

Terra LoPresti, USA

“My view of the Bible changed before and after I went to Israel. When I actually participated, I felt as if I had entered the Bible. When I read the Bible after returning to Japan, it changed my perception of the Bible. When I see the name of a place I’ve been to, the place pops up in my head, thinking, “Oh! This place was like this…” It makes me happy to see the word Jerusalem in the Bible. I felt that the Bible was not a book of the past, but a book of the present, and that I was in the Bible.”

Maria Sakurai, Japan