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The Jesus Trail

January 25, 2016
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THE GOD OF ISRAEL IS A GREAT GOD! He is a big God! He is an adventurous God! And there is no place more adventurous than the Land He set apart for Himself.

This Land would be the backdrop for the travels of Abraham, the resting place of the Tabernacle, where God spoke to His prophets, and the ministry of Yeshua (Jesus). Journey with Zealous8:2 along the Jesus Trail as we follow in the steps of Yeshua beginning in His boyhood town of Nazareth and concluding along the refreshing shores of the Sea of Galilee.

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Nazareth is most well known for being the childhood home of Yeshua, as well as the place of annunciation where Mary received the message that she would give birth to the Messiah. The biblical record also cites Nazareth as the place where Yeshua began His ministry.


After hiking for half the day, we fall asleep and awaken the next morning to the fresh exhilarating air of a family-owned, boutique olive grove.

After breakfast rain clouds threaten as we make our way through Zippori National Park and on to Cana, the place where Yeshua performed His first miracle, turning of water into wine.


About 100 meters (328 ft) past Golani Junction, we come to a ridge with the remains of an ancient Roman road that linked Acre and Tiberias. Yeshua likely used this road on His journey from Nazareth to the Sea of Galilee, as it was a major east-west thoroughfare during His time. It is here that the clouds do much more than threaten. The sky turns dark, thunder rolls and lightning strikes in the distance as we run to take cover, rain falling heavily all around us. The scent is intoxicating. The rush is thrilling. And the laugher is jovial. This is a great adventure!

After a night’s rest in the Israel National Forest we eat a hot breakfast, guzzle down steaming, delectable coffee and head out for the most rewarding day of the entire trail. Today takes us through fields of aromatic, green onions and wild and rocky kilometers leading to and ascending the Horns of Hattin.


The Horns of Hattin are a steep double-hill outside of Tiberias, which was the location of a decisive Crusader battle in 1187 when Saladin’s forces defeated the Crusader army.

On a clear day, the Horns provide a glorious 360 degree view of the entire Jesus Trail, including the Sea of Galilee framed by the Arbel Cliffs and the snow-capped peak of Mt. Hermon to the northeast.

We parade into our campsite for the night and settle in with a campfire dinner, laughter, and warm conversation. Tomorrow morning we will reach our finale, the Sea of Galilee.


We rise early. Our packs feel lighter, our bodies feel stronger, and our spirits feel unified. We have journeyed both physically and spiritually together. Today we will traverse the sites made famous through stories we heard as children. The Bible will come alive and encompass us as we visit places most widely known in Yeshua’s life of ministry, compassion and miracles.

As we make our way to our final destination we see the Mount of Beatitudes ahead of us. We stop by for a time of reflection at Tabgha, where Jesus restored Peter, and we pass through Capernaum, which served as the headquarters for much of Yeshua’s earthly ministry.

After a day of traveling, reflecting, and being renewed, we reach our destination beside the tranquil waters of the Galilee. Yeshua called the men who would set the world ablaze from these shores. He calmed the winds and waves here with three simple words. “Peace, be still.” He walked out on these waters. And tonight we sleep under the same sky that blanketed so many miracles.

Posted on January 25, 2016