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Call to Zion 2023Experience Israel Yourself


For 2,000 years this Land was desolate. Generation after generation her people were scattered throughout the nations. It seemed to the whole world as if all hope for her was lost. But God is not like mankind who break promises. Now because God has restored the nation of Israel you can walk where Yeshua (Jesus) walked, you can experience what the Prophets foretold, and you can be a part of fulfilling God’s Word.

You can experience Israel as a Christian young-adult for twelve extraordinary days of compassion, adventure, and revelation. Explore the ancient land where Jesus walked, and discover the reality of God’s Word. Worship with believers from around the world, and give life to your faith by serving the Jewish people. Return home ready to impact your generation with God’s heart for his land and people. Join this movement of young adults who will encounter God in His Land through compassion, adventure, and revelation. Zealous 8:2 invites you to answer the Call to Zion.


Need to Know:

  • To be eligible for the Call to Zion, you must be a Christian, be 18-30 years old, and you must be interested in experiencing Israel in a fun and engaging way.
  • The cost is $2,395 USD. This includes pickup and drop off to the airport, 12 nights of accomodation, breakfasts, lunches and dinners, all tour related transportation, entrance into all locations, and participation in all events. This does not include airfare, insurance, three meals (USD$20/lunch, USD$60 total), or spending money.
  • The next Call to Zion will be in the July 30 – August 10, 2023.

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Compassion – Faith & Love

Volunteer with Bridges for Peace for two days as we work in different communities around Israel to show God’s unconditional love to His people.


  • Painting a home for the disabled
  • Packing food for the hungry
  • Working in vineyards to support an orphanage


Adventure – Explore & Discover

Explore the ancient places that are most crucial to biblical history and your faith. Then play a role in the miracles that God is doing as we discover them in Israel today!


  • The City of David – where the Kings of Israel reigned from.
  • The Garden Tomb – where we celebrate the resurrection of our Savior.
  • The Sea of Galilee – where Jesus performed most of His miracles.


Revelation – Worship & the Word

Receive teachings that cover Israel’s history, destiny, and relationship with God, so that you can grow in your understanding of the Word. Study Scripture and worship God where biblical events actually took place and watch your life transform as a disciple of Jesus. 


  • The Life of Jesus
  • Jewish/Christian History
  • Israel Advocacy


To learn more check out our Itinerary and take a look at the endorsements page

If you still have more questions, check out our Call to Zion FAQ page!